Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Must Have Password Utility

With all the multitude of website I go to, and each has different password requirements, or the user name I want is not available I need help.

Solution Roboform I have been using this jewel for over 5 years now, and I can't live without it.

You can download a free version that limits the number of Logins (5 I think) so you can try it out to see if this works for you. There is No Adware, No Spyware even with the free version. Do pay attention during the install process, it does offer to install the Yahoo toolbar, I just uncheck this and move on. The Paid version is $29 and for me well worth it.

The first thing I think of with password programs is Security. Roboform gives you a choice of 5 security algorithms to choose from ranging from 64 to 256 bit key length, to secure each login or Identity (more on that later). If you are concerned about "key logger" programs don't be. This defeats them by directly filling in the user name and password with out sending them through the keyboard buffer. Roboform even has a "Dual Password" option for "Employee/Supervisor" protection, but I'm thinking it is also good for "Child/Parent" access.

Roboform Fights Phishing too. When Roboform securely stores you username and password, it also stores the URL for that website, so when you go to a Phishing site, Roboform will not offer to fill in that website, because it does not match any website it has stored. Nice!

You can also have multiple "Identity's" these are files that keep all personal information you would want to auto fill online forms with, like Name, User name, address, credit cards, bank accounts. Remember this is all encrypted on your computer. I use a couple of identities, one for registrations for purchases on line, another for personal websites / friends. If I were working I would also have one for company related info. Each time I go to a register at a new website that wants all this information, then Roboform will fill it out for me. Now whenever I return to any website Roboform will recognize the website and offer to autofill my username and password that I originally entered. If you have to change your password, you can simply put in a new password or have Roboform generate one of any length and complexity. Roboform not only remembers the new one, it also keeps track of the changes.

Roboform also has another form you can use called "SafeNote" These are secure notes you would keep for sensitive information not associated with a web site or your identity. Like Off Line, Software keys, Passwords , notes and extended Family ID info, or any other sensitive information that you might want to keep secure.

You can also take Roboform with you on a USB disk for ultimate portability.

This installs in your browser as a toolbar. I use both firefox and ie at different times and it installs on both on the same computer with no problems. I have not tried Netscape, but it is also supported. It also works in the new Google Chromium. That is not a miss spelling. Google Chrome as of this writing does not allow plugin's, but they have released a beta version they call Chromium which Roboform has modified to work together. There are some quirks and for some reason a couple of websites that the toolbar goes away, but this is beta and they expect to have it corrected with the next release. There is a work around for those sites chromium removes the Roboform toolbar. I got to the task bar, open roboform and edit the logins. This will reveal the username and password so I can at least get into the site.

The later versions of Roboform come with their companion product, also free, GoodSync. This allows you to backup all of your Roboform data. I have also purchased this product and use it to back up all my Documents, Quicken data, Turbo Tax data, Outlook files, etc. I will discuss this product at another time.

There are more options like key board short cuts, Search engines you can use, but you get the idea. This product is rock solid and secure. I install this on every machine I build/rebuild for my family or evaluation. I recommend it to all that need to remember that strange user name or password you used for one of the hundreds of sites you use. It is well worth the price.

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